Limited Edition handbags

Ashanti Jewelers introduces a line of limited edition handbags with genuine Swarovski Crystals. Natural style with Swarovski shimmer is the look for those who are cool about being cool. Our floral bags are super-easy and at home anywhere from chic formality to relaxed chilling. Each handbag is dreamed of then carefully handcrafted using the finest Swarovski crystals resulting in a masterpiece that will turn heads and inspire envy.

These Limited Edition handbags are dreamed of then carefully handcrafted using the finest Swarovski crystals resulting in a masterpiece that will turn heads and inspire envy. We believe that each person can make a statement by being themselves. Each of one of these creations will match a facet of your character, from simple and elegant to frivolous and fun – a seamless extension of your persona. These handbags are not just a handbag, nor just a fashion statement, but a lifestyle that will release and energize by expressing your natural radiance.

Hundreds of exquisite, perfectly cut Swarovski crystals adorn the outside of our bags. Each one reflects its own individual light, each facet an aspect of its character and all twinkling in harmony with your radiance. Each handbag comes with the following:

1. A certificate from Swarovski comes with each bag, authenticating the crystals use.
2. Each bag comes with a detachable chain, with detailing (optional).
3. The inside of each bag is lined entirely with genuine leather.
4. Spare crystals are included with each bag
5. Each handbag comes with packaged in a dust bag and box.

Purchase the one these limited edition handbags for $1045.95 using Paypal or major credit card for safe and receive free shipping along with a free Glamor Silver Swarovski bracelet valued at $199.95. Ashli Jewelers
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Eco-Chic Fashion Accessories

Patti Tang, founder and owner of the online store, Chic Moderne, knows how to transform leather scraps into one-of-a-kind, everyday-luxurious accessory items. Her products range from business card holders to briefcases, notebook covers, and now, new iPhone and iPad cases.

Sold on her website http://www.etsy.com/shop/chicmoderne, Chic Moderne’s accessories are available in styles called Venezia and Milano – and feature colors such as summer-poppy reds, buttercup yellows, and midnight blacks. Handcrafted by European artisans from scraps that were destined to be discarded from designer leather workshops in Italy, all recycled leather items pair sustainability with urban elegance. Made of lightweight, yet ultra-strong materials, Chic Moderne’s eco-chic accessories come in high quality and style, and with the genuine smell of leather.

Tang began producing her eco-friendly products with fellow fashionistas and businesswomen in mind. Her first products, which she launched in 2006, were wallets inspired by the designs showcased at European fashion houses. She soon added colorful notebooks, briefcases, and business card holders to her collection. Luxurious in texture and design, with pieces under $100, Chic Moderne’s accessories don’t come with an indulgent price tag. To check out Tang’s new iPhone and iPad cases, visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/chicmoderne


You Must Create

YMC is a London based label and stands for ‘’You Must Create’’. The label was formed in London in 1995 by the graphic designer duo Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins. YMC has a remarkably strong identity for a brand still in its young age. The brand that is refusing perusing fashion trends, YMC resolutely focuses on creating stylish, functional and modern clothing for guys and girls, allowing the product, rather than the marketing to speak for itself.

Since YMC was formed in 1995 the demand is increasing for stylish, functional, modern clothing. YMC has quietly grown to become a highly significant design label. YMC are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the solution for intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive. Collections gradually develop from season to season whilst a modernist approach ensures good ideas maintain longevity.
YMC’s main source of inspiration comes from Raymond Loewy, ‘the man who designed America’. Loewy is responsible for design classics such as the greyhound bus and the branding for Lucky Stripe and Shell. When once asked how he saw the future of design Loewy replied “you must create your own style”; from this simple manifesto YMC or “You Must Create” takes its name as well as its design cues, applying them to men’s and women’s wardrobe staples to create a highly distinctive and stylish look. www.stylert.com